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Spoiler: Guess Who We’re Gonna Meet Soon…

Posted on the 30 January 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Oh, I like this spoiler. Very much. Word… er, spoiler is that someone very close to the Queen is going to make her appearance during this season. TV Line holds the exclusive for what you are about to read under the cut!

You know the joke about how, whenever a kid turns out rotten, it’s the mother’s fault? In the case ofOnce Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen (Lana Parilla), it’s actually true.

An upcoming arc will introduce us to Cora, the malevolent Mommie Dearest who taught Regina her wicked ways. And who will play the plum part? No word yet. But if it were up to us, it would be one of these leading ladies:

Kelly Bishop | Gilmore Girls’ grand dame has always carried herself with the regality of a queen, evil or otherwise. Moreover, she has a glare that’s so chilling, it could turn a swimming pool into an ice-skating rink. In other words, she’s brrr… illiant casting!

Dana Delany | The formerly Desperate Housewife does naughty as well as she does nice (and her “nice” was impressive enough to make her an Emmy winner). And, since Season 2 of Body of Proof just wrapped production, the in-demand actress is momentarily free (save for an already-scheduled return trip to Wisteria Lane).

Sean Young | Like the former movie star told David Letterman, she wants to work. So why not let her? Even if she is as zany as her reputation suggests, her short run as a wannabe black widow on The Young & the Restless proved she still has presence to spare.

Jane Badler | Not only did the V villainess scare the bejesus out of a generation of kids when she swallowed a hamster whole, but the born-to-be-bad girl’s new, barely-SFW music videos now titillate them. Black magic, indeed.

Frances McDormand | Frankly, we’d watch the erstwhile Miss Pettigrew perform a dramatic reading of a phone book, we so adore her. But it’s the thought of seeing the Oscar winner go dark that we find utterly bewitching.

Sharon Stone | Quick – what are the first two things you think of when you think of Sharon Stone? Basic Instinct, and where the hell has she gone, right? Time to raise her profile with a guest gig that capitalizes on her appeal as a latter-day Kim Novak.

Lena Olin | After her career-reigniting turn on Alias, she came to epitomize the sort of momster you’d expect to eat her young. Or, at the very least, turn her young into her (talking) mirror image.

I must confess I’d love to see both Sharon Stone and Lena Olin as the EQ’s mother… Head over HERE to vote in the poll TV Line is running and make your point!

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