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Spoiler from Kristin!

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Darielle: Can’t wait for Once Upon a Time to return! What can you tell me about season two?
Before the season-two premiere, we’ve got a little homework assignment for all the young’uns: Watch an episode of the classic show Bewitched! “Do you remember Aunt Clara? Who kind of did everything wrong and she was trying to use her magic and a huge elephant would end up in the living room?” Lana Parrilla aka Regina/Evil Queen teases. “That kind of happens a little bit in Storybrooke. Not that comedic, but magic is different in Storybrooke. It doesn’t work quite the same way that it did in fairy-tale land.” But what does the return of magic mean for Regina specifically? “It comes with its struggles. It’s almost like the Tin Man, he’s been asleep for a long time and needs to be oiled,” she explains. “It’s the same thing for Regina, she hasn’t used magic in 28 years, so it’s going to take her a little bit to get her mojo back.” Let’s just call this season: Once Upon a Time: How Regina Got Her Groove Back.

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