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Posted on the 19 June 2012 by Bittersweet1975 @onceupon_fans

Trish: Got any Once Upon a Time scoop?
It’s such a long summer without magic Once Upon a Time. But if you are anxious for some season-two scoop, then you’re in luck! The producers are hard at work writing and casting some cool new princesses for next fall. Anastasia could be mistaken for a spoiled rich girl, but as we all know love rules in Fairy-Tale Land. Plus, they are looking for someone to play Magnolia, a cool badass Asian chick who is an accomplished fighter and rider and might be a little bit magical. Dear ABC, we would like season two now, please. Sincerely, Team WWK.

Thomas: What’s next for Regina on Once Upon a Time?! I love to hate her.
If it’s up to her lovely real-life alter ego, Lana Parrilla, there will be flashbacks to Regina in Storybrooke pre-Emma Swan, specifically so viewers can learn more about Regina and Henry’s complicated dynamic. “I’d like to see the history of that relationship; how she got Henry and I’m wondering if there will be flashbacks in Storybrooke next season,” she tells us. “I’m anxious to find out and at the same time I’m patient because every script has always been so great. The anticipation solely comes from a place of me being a fan of the show as well and I want to know what is going to happen, but as the Evil Queen/Regina, I can wait.”


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