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SPOILER ALERT: Meet True Blood’s New Couple

Posted on the 15 February 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

SPOILER ALERT: Meet True Blood’s New Couple

This  spoiler is nothing really new, but the way it’s worded is different. We thought we’d share it with you anyways.

E! Online revealed a newish/oldish True Blood season 5 spoiler in their latest Spoiler Chat article. We’re warning you now…this will make you puke!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – please don’t read below!

This is your last chance. Better have a barf bag handy…

SPOILER ALERT: Meet True Blood’s New Couple

True Blood's new couple - Bric

Eileen in Brooklyn: Anything you can tease about True Blood, like who is Sookie going to choose, Bill or Eric?
How about…neither? “We call it season of the bromance,” sexy star Alexander Skarsgård told us at a presser for his new movie Battleship. “We just started [filming] and we’re on episode four of season five. I have a lot with Steve [Stephen Moyer] this year,” he said, quipping, “Eric is very intrigued by Bill now.” Honestly, we’re Team Eric no matter whom he hooks up with (especially if he’s nekkid)! TV’s Top Couple round two, y’all?


We already know about their bromance, and most of us aren’t looking forward to it AT ALL. This means that most of Eric’s scenes will have Bill’s God-awful ugly face in them. WHY? Why do they have to torture us like this? We DON’T want to see this!

I hope we don’t have to see them wearing the same robe as they did in the image above. I don’t care if Eric is naked this season either. All I want is for Eric to have some scenes with Sookie. Is that too much to ask?

This is the part that got me when I read it…“Eric is very intrigued by Bill now.”

WTF does that mean? I have no clue, maybe you guys could help me figure it out?

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