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Spoil Your Man This Holiday Season

By Brookedujour @brookedujour
Spoil Your Man This Holiday Season 1.   Beard Balm | 2. Slippers | 3. “How to Be a Man” Book | 4. Headphones | 5. Socks | 6. Gloves | 7. Sweater | 8. Jacket | 9. Wallet | 10. Shaving Kit | 11. Bow Tie | 12. Camera | 13. Condé Nast Traveler “Photographs” Book | 14. iPhone Case | 15. 4-in-1 Adapter | 16. Bacon Money Clip | 17. “Guts and Glory” Book | 18. Button-down
‘Tis the season for Brooke du jour gift guides! I’ll post gift guides to spoil everyone in your life until Santa squeezes down your chimney on the 25th. Didn’t I just make your holiday shopping headache go away? You’re welcome.
I always hear that men are so hard to shop for, but honestly what’s all the hoopla about? These gloves are cashmere-lined and you can text while wearing them! How cool is that? You’ll never get frostbite again. For the man who likes to travel, this 4-in-1 adapter works in 150 countries. And let’s just be frank for a moment- what man wouldn’t want a bacon money clip? Last but not least, help your man channel his inner James Bond in this velvet bow tie. Martini not included.
Spoil Your Man This Holiday Season

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