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Getting Ready For Spring

By Brookedujour @brookedujour
Getting Ready For Spring 1. Sundress top | 2. Sundress dress | 3. Solid & Striped bikini
4. Marysia Swim bikini | 5. Eugenia Kim sun hat | 6. Rebecca Minkoff clutch
7. Pampelone dress | 8. Lisi Lerch earrings | 9. Coolchange blouse
10. Kate Spade bikini | 11. Solkissed dress | 12. Boohoo bikini
Okay so I know it’s only the beginning of February but I’m super over winter clothes. Raise your hand if you’re with me! How am I supposed to shop for bulky sweaters and scarves when there are pink pineapple bikinis out there?! I have warm weather on the brain anyways, because I’m heading home to LA to see my family this weekend. Why is it only Monday?! What are you excited about this week? : )
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Getting Ready For Spring

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