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Split Personality?

By Sue15cat
Split Personality?
I had to clear all the surfaces last week as the electrician needed access to the fuse box, which is rather handily in the roof space over the kitchen, just above this worktop.  Don't ask ... there is nothing ordinary about the work done to this house by the previous owners.  The meter reader used to snigger every time he came, now thankfully the meter has been relocated to the outside although the fusebox is still here.   
Anyway with the worktop nice and clear I stepped back to admire it and just had to take a photo .... I love it like this.
Split Personality?
 I also love my shelves on the opposite side of the kitchen, full to bursting with jars of food, utensils and various knick knacks, that doesn't look right but spellcheck is no help on this one.
I'm starting to think I have a split personality.
 The question I'm asking myself is which do I really prefer .... space or clutter, or maybe minimal clutter (if there is such a thing).  Do I want things handy for use or behind closed doors, OR not even behind closed doors, just not there at all !!
I'm off to sow some more seeds and help with building the new henhouse for Chicken Land ... I'm thinking that I'm over-thinking  ;-)
Have a good weekend.
Sue xx

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