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Splice (2009) - Film Review Now up

Posted on the 17 August 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Splice (2009) - film review now upZONE SF has just uploaded my review of the 2009 film SPLICE. Here's the opening paragraph:
Families go bad. We've all experienced this. It's hard to make ends meet? One or both of the parents aren't there enough? Too many sacrifices are made in the name of survival? Sometimes, as parents, we just screw up - and our kids are the result. Let's put that into an episode of EastEnders... or, let's make a totally whacked-out surrealist film like Splice?

It's not that I'd reviewed in when it first came out and it's taken ZoneSF that long to upload it. I explain in the review how Splice is an excellent film marketed to the wrong demographic and therefore I'd been loathe (before now) to give it a viewing.
Well, I give it four out of five. It's a mature, adult, horror of a film.
You missed a great one if, like me for all those years, you thought it was just another schlocky "CUBE" film.

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