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Spiritual Training Wheels

By Ldsapologetics
Many view the 613 commandments of Mosaic law as eternal laws. But Jesus said that there were two that all the law and prophets hang on, the foundation on which all others were based on.
They are to love God and to love all of His children. And the one addition from Jesus was that we love others as He loves us and in so doing prove that we are His disciples.
Which is why Christendom feels that we are living under a new covenant. They feel that Mosaic law is obsolete because having the love of Christ, that is the new principle we ought to govern ourselves by and in so doing we will live as Christ did, we will find salvation on Earth not only in Heaven.
I tend to think of the commandments as the spiritual training wheels that will teach us how to be Christlike and once we've learned the basic we can be free of them and ride free doing things we could never do under their restraints.
The goal of the teachings of Christ is to be like Him but not merely in terms of outward signs but internally because the Kingdom of God is within us. To be free of the restraint of Mosaic law means we have to see one another as Christ did. 
He saw a woman hurting and lost and did not condemn her or cast the first stone, He forgave her and simply said go and sin no more. He viewed her as a daughter of God as opposed to the adulteress those with stones in their hands saw.
A Hindu holy man named Yogananda coined the term Christconsciousness in the very early days of the 20th century.
The idea is to mold or open up our consciousness to think like Christ, to treat others as Christ did, to see the face of God in His children as Christ did. That is how we can become like Christ.
And once we achieve that end we will find salvation in this life not only in the next. For ourselves and for others.
Death will not magically change our personalities and bad habits. The key to salvation lies in Christconsciousness in this life that will open the door to salvation in the next life.
Spiritual Training Wheels

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