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Spilling My Wardrobe Secrets

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Spilling My Wardrobe Secrets

That's me!

Nicole from The Wardrobe Code here! While I love putting together my fashion collages here on Inspired Design Daily, what I really love is working with my clients. It’s a good day if I can make a client see her existing wardrobe in a different light, or inspire another to develop a signature style.

Since I’m a wardrobe coach, my fashion philosophy is a bit different from most wardrobe consultants. I believe that empowering my clients to build their wardrobes strategically is far more satisfying than simply styling a client in the latest trends. So, because I want everyone to get a little sample of my world, I’m taking this fashion show on the road with 2 events in May.

1.) First I’ll be demonstrating my best service Ready, Set – Dress! live for anyone who would like to come learn my secrets, and it’s free!

Spilling My Wardrobe Secrets

Watch me work with a client, up close and personal. You’ll get a peek at my wardrobe organizing method and learn how to combine what’s already in your closet into dozens of outfit combos.

2.) Next, I’m hosting a seminar Total Wardrobe Makeover that will fundamentally change the way you think about your wardrobe.

Spilling My Wardrobe Secrets

Did I say this would fundamentally change your perspective? Because it will. Somewhere along the way, most of us just all collectively forgot how to to make fashion work for us – I blame it on the 80s. But this workshop will get you back on track and building a wardrobe that will impress everyone around you.

Both events are in the heart of Orange County in a funky, cool art lounge called The LOFT – and the first event is limited to 50 people. You can learn more about each event here.

Seriously, don’t miss out!

Spilling My Wardrobe Secrets
Nicole Longstreath is a wardrobe coach in Orange County, CA and author of Reclaiming Your Wardrobe, an ebook dedicated to building a smarter wardrobe, avoiding bad purchases and uncovering your unique style. She also publishes a weekly outfit inspiration collage, exclusively for readers of Collages & Commentary.

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