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Special: Women's History Month

By Kena @ViralHistory

Special: Women's History Month

Ms. Apolinaria Gutierrez Garrett, wife of famous frontier sheriff Pat Garrett, holding the gun he used in 1881 to kill Billy the Kid.  Photo circa 1920.   More on Pat Garrett later ....

March is Women's History Month.   For we zealots here at Viral History, this is cause for yet another party.   
To celebrate, this month we will give you three iconic moments from three favorite American women:
  • Susan B. Anthony, being thrown in the slammer in 1872 for trying to vote;
  • Victoria Woodhull, being thrown in the slammer in 1872 while running for president (the first-ever woman candidate) for disclosing the Henry Ward Beecher adultery scandal.  Charged with criminal obscenity.  Welcome to 1872; and
  • Emma Goldman, being thrown in the slammer in 1894 (first time of many for her) for urging unemployed workers in NYC to riot and take bread off the tables of rich families on Fifth Avenue.  
  • And, if you're good, a bonus: A surprise Guest Blogger on America's original rabble-rousing feminist:Lucretia Mott.  (She was too proper to ever be thrown in the slammer for anything.) 
Stay tuned all March for plenty of good stuff.  
[As for Ms. Pat Garrett (top of page), one of the generation of no-nonsense women who helped settle the Old West, don't be surprised to see a set of posts on Old West lawmen coming up in the not-too-distant future.] 
Meanwhile, here are a few links on Women's History Month.  Enjoy -- 
  -- International Women's Day
  -- Library of Congress
  -- National Women's History Project

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