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Special Guest Review: Batman: Dark Knight Rises

Posted on the 23 August 2012 by Thepopcornpreacher @ThePopCornPreac
My special for this review will be a fellow film enthusiast and long time preacher, Chris bone.
Batman Dark Knight Rises (2012)
After my initial viewing of the film I was not particularly impressed with the way in which a batman film could have such a small amount of batman. Although Scarlet Johanson did look incredible in the catsuit, I did pay to see a batman film and not a cat woman sequel.
Bane an evil criminal, has escaped from a high security way in an undisclosed location and seeks to reak havoc upon the Arkham City. His master plan is to contaminate the cities water supply and therefore run the whole of Arkham into turmoil and let chaos ensue.
Meanwhile Master Wayne has gone into hiding and it would seem Batman has hung up his bat ears for good. How ever after losing a large proportion of his business Bruce Wayne has no option but to get dressed up in black and start kicking badman butt.
As always Christian bale gives a steely yet involving role as the hero in black. I was really dissapointed with  Scarlet's performance, as I felt that it didn't capture the minxy and daring nature that is often portrayed with the character of cat-woman. Michael Cain gives a strong but short performance and I will admit I did cry at the very sad moment in the film. Finally Tom hardy (played Bane) was brilliant as the deadly convict bane, even if there was little opportunity to develop such a cold and remorseless character they seemed to have given it a good go.
Main Good Point in the film
There were few real stand out moments in this film especially after two such great prequels.
I will say however that the way they tied up this trilogy of a sideways look at the batman brand was a really great achievement. It made sure that there no loose ends and left it open for other movie franchises to take place, and it was also all done in the typical slick way which has come to be synonymous with these films.
Main Bad point
I would say that the pacing of the film could have been done a little better. It felt rather rushed and condensed in places were it probably shouldn't have been. Bad pacing in films annoys me simply because it makes it less believable and it also means that at time they have to cram important information or scenes into a smaller period of time.
Summary From ThePopPreacher
I would say it is an amiable film for a summer blockbuster. In terms of an end to a trilogy however, it didn't quite have that feeling of being the end to a truly epic trilogy. I wanted more boom for my buck, but I just didn't get it. The films predecesssors had the right amount of spectacle and story in them; however 'Dark Knight Rises' gets caught up in trying to introduce new characters. So much so in fact that it forgets to stick to its roots and create an engaging film.
Chris will follow with his verdict Below...

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