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Speaking Truth to Power: Nigel Farage Addresses the EU

Posted on the 18 April 2013 by Adask

English: Nigel Farage.

English: Nigel Farage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admittedly, the following video is all about the European Union (EU) and has little direct implications for the US.  A lot of Americans won’t find this video particularly interesting on a political level.

The video’s speaker is Nigel Farage, the founder of the UK’s Independence Party (UKIP), and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) of the EU.

I worship no man.  We’re all flawed.  Still, on a personal level, I find Nigel Farage so worthy of admiration, that I can’t help posting this video.

I can’t think of a more articulate public speaker than Mr. Farage.  Insofar as Mr. Farage’s persistent criticism of the EU must’ve caused some EU-proponents to consider assassinating him, I can’t think of a more courageous public speaker.  Nevertheless, his public speeches are always intelligent, articulate and fearless.  In most instances, Mr. Farage is more likely to speak with a sense of merryment rather than anger.   England should be proud to claim Mr. Farage.  God knows I wish we had a similar politician here in the US.

Given my conviction that democracy is a collectivist form of government, I don’t admire to Mr. Farage’s support for democracy.  I write it off to ignorance.  Even though he’s a politician, I doubt that he’s a villain.

More, even though I’m a constitutionalist, insofar as we appear to have a Kenyan in the White House, I might almost agree to overlook Mr. Farage’s nationality if we could just run him as a candidate for the Presidency.  I might not agree with every idea Mr. Farage supports, but I might be willing to see him elected President just to have a man in the US government who was willing and even eager to speak truth to power.

Imagine: just one man in Congress, the Senate or the White House who was able and determined to speak the truth.  I feel like Don Quixote singing about the “Impossible Dream”.

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