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Speak to the Track Coach Yet?

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Speak to the track coach yet?Who would like to improve their overall running speed?  

Answer = everyone.

Who would like to get better jumps on steals? 

Answer = everyone.

Who wants to improve their first and second step quickness to improve their range?  

Answer = everyone.

Who wants to improve their 60 yard times for showcases?

Answer = everyone.

Who wants to correct flaws in their running form?  

Answer = everyone.

Who would love to implement drills that actually lead to increased running speed and quicker jumps?

Answer = everyone.

Who is usually the one person at our schools who can help us with all of that?  

Answer = the track coach!

Track coaches teach running.  Every day!  They correct running mistakes.  They teach fast starts.  They teach footwork.  They teach how to accelerate.  They teach how and when to breathe.  They can watch a player run and immediately know what is wrong and how to fix it.  Basically, they teach their athletes what we want all of our baseball players to know.

And yet we ignore the track coach.

This week, contact a track coach and ask them questions about sprinting, quicker starts, and drills.  In five minutes you will be kicking yourself for not doing it much sooner.  

I spoke to my school’s track coach way back in 2012.  I even interviewed him for this website.  If you’ve never heard the interview, click HERE.

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