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SparkNotes: René Descartes (1596–1650): Context

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These are some instances of the several species of merit, that are valued for the immediate pleasure, which they communicate to the person possessed of them. No views of utility or of future beneficial consequences enter into this sentiment of approbation yet is it of a kind similar to that other sentiment, which arises from views of a public or private utility. The same social sympathy, we may observe, or fellow-feeling with human happiness or misery, gives rise to both and this analogy, in all the parts of the present theory, may justly be regarded as a confirmation of it.

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Let the senators meet in the capital, and be endowed with the whole executive power of the commonwealth the power of peace and war, of giving orders to generals, admirals, and

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The sciences, which treat of general facts, are politics, natural philosophy, physic, chymistry, &amp c. where the qualities, causes and effects of a whole species of objects are enquired into.

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The merit of delivering true general precepts in ethics is indeed very small. Whoever recommends any moral virtues, really does no more than is implied in the terms themselves. That people, who invented the word charity , and used it in a good sense, inculcated more clearly and much more efficaciously, the precept, be charitable , than any pretended legislator or prophet, who should insert such a maxim in his writings. Of all expressions, those, which, together with their other meaning, imply a degree either of blame or approbation, are the least liable to be perverted or mistaken.

When either good or evil is uncertain, it gives rise to Fear or Hope , according to the degree of uncertainty on one side or the other.

In the commonwealth, no representative, magistrate, or senator, as such, has any salary. The protector, secretaries, councils, and ambassadors, have salaries.

Man is a reasonable being and as such, receives from science his proper food and nourishment: But so narrow are the bounds of human understanding, that little satisfaction can be hoped for in this particular, either from the extent or security of his acquisitions. Man is a sociable, no less than a reasonable being: But neither can he always enjoy company agreeable and amusing, or preserve the proper relish for them. Man is also an active being and from that disposition, as well as from the various necessities of human life, must submit to business and occupation:

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The differences of moral sentiment, which naturally arise from a republican or monarchical government, are also very obvious as well as those which proceed from general riches

These ph æ ae originally ' xE6 ' separated to make searching the text easier nomena seem to prove, that the favourable suffrages of the world are regarded only as authorities, or as confirmations of our own opinion. And if the opinions of others have more influence in this subject than in any other, it is easily accounted for from the nature of the subject.

SparkNotes: René Descartes (1596–1650): Context

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