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Spag Heddy: De Drop

Posted on the 27 September 2011 by Hctf @hctf

Dutch DJ Kypski has started his own label Partyscratch Music. His frst release is an EP bySpag Heddy, nom-de-plume of Mischa Reining, who has been creating beats since 2006. De Drop contains six songs, well two actually, since the title track is offered in four different languages and a remix by Kypski. Think dubstep meats electronic easy tune. Catchy as hell and a leftfield floor filler. The other track, Extemist, starts out as mellow song, with a South European vibe and Arabic vocalizing before clashing with a New Order bass line and hard hitting industrial beats - quiet-loud-quiet ad infinitum.

Spag Heddy: De Drop
  1. De Drop (NL)
  2. Extremist
  3. De Drop (Kypski Remix)
  4. Le Drop (FR)
  5. Der Drop (DE)
  6. The Drop (EN)

Video: Spag Heddy - De Drop (NL)


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