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Sowing Seeds for the Future: The White Lotus Day

By Luphil

8th May is celebrated as White Lotus Day, the day Madam Blavatsky (or HPB, as her friends called her), the great messenger of Light, passed over. Though disputed by academicians, she had a tremendous influence on the development of spiritual awareness all over the globe. We published a little booklet about her life in 2005 (free download). There is also a little booklet by Sri Kumar, The White Lotus, with a lecture on the symbolism of the lotus, in honour of HPB.

A friend send the following nice anecdote about HPB:

“Madam Blavatsky travelled all over the world; she only could not visit her place of birth in Russia. But always she was carrying two bags with her filled with seeds of fair and beautiful flowers. While travelling in the train she was constantly throwing seeds out of the window. Of course the people thought she was crazy and someone asked her, „Why are you doing that? Perhaps you will never take this route again.”
She answered: “This doesn’t matter! It might be that I will never pass by here again! Maybe I will not come another time but anyone passing by will see the beautiful flowers.”

Sowing Seeds for the Future: The White Lotus Day

Statue with Helena Blavatsky and Olcott, founders of the Theosophical Society, at the Headquarters of the society in Adyar, India, January 2011

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