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Southwestern Vibes

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley

Southwestern Vibes
I got a new dress this weekthat is surely going to end up to be one of my favorites!
Southwestern Vibes
What's not to love about a lightweight denimoff the shoulder maxi dresswith dramatic sleevesand pockets!
Southwestern Vibes
The styling possibilities are endless.
This wearing I pulled from my
Southwestern Accessories.
I like to
design, buy and collect in
''Accessory Families'
which gives you an array of choices
when styling your outfits.
It also makes packing a breeze.
Southwestern Vibes
How fabulous are these wide kimono sleeves!
I ordered this fabulous dress from Social Butterfly  Collection in Houston.
The link for the Maxi Dress is HERE 

I just noticed they only have larger sizes left of this dress

so here is another similar styles.
I don't often do fashion links on my blogbut this dress is such a findI needed to share.Especially since the dress is under $100!
Southwestern Vibes
Speaking of sharingMy favorite trick with wide cut maxi's is
 wearing a full ball skirt slip underneath
to maximize the movement of the dressand to keep the volume from collapsing when I walk.I choose the slips that are cut close to the body on topwhich ensures all of the extra volumeis on the bottomwhere I want it.
It is an instant quality upgradeto any maxi dresscut for volume.
I also just love how it moves with the dress.
Southwestern Vibes
Southwestern Vibes
Topped off the look with one of myWestern hatsand lovely turquoise rhinestone juxtapositionstatement earring of my design.
Southwestern Vibes
I recently turned some vintage belt buckles intobarrettesfor an easy ponytail finish.
Thank you so much for a read!Any styling tips you'd like to share in the comments/I'd love to here!
Southwestern Vibes
As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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