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Soundtrack of the Month - November '11

Posted on the 06 November 2011 by Limette @Limette9
Soundtrack of the Month - November '11
The wonderful French romantic comedy I saw yesterday convinced me to have a soundtrack of the month this time, instead of just a song - a very special soundtrack, that is.
DIRTY DANCING. A film about music and coming-of-age, including a dash of 60s-nostalgia (those old enough to remember watching it on the silver screen might also say 80s-nostalgia). Countless teenage girls must have been introduced to it by their mothers when "the time was right" and fallen in love with not only the film, I'm sure. As for me, I didn't fall in love with Patrick Swayze for that matter, but the film initiated my chronic crush on dancing and the 60s - style, films, and especially music from that decade (or music inspired by it).
DIRTY DANCING raised the bars for every future dance film I would see, concerning pretty much everything. And no, I don't count Hindi films for dance films, except dancing itself is an important topic in the film (e.g. UMRAO JAAN). The soundtrack is a deeply important part of the film, and it's hard to say "The time of my life", no matter in which context, without thinking of that last scene. Therefore, let's celebrate the magic of DIRTY DANCING, the best girls-just-wanna-have-fun film of all time! (Read a great article on the term "chick-flick" here). Even though... hm, maybe this isn't a totally pure girls-just-wanna-have-fun film. Actually, I think it's not, I think there's more to it. Think about it...Anyhow, we were talking about the soundtrack, so let's listen to some actual music now.(I wasn't able to embed the videos from youtube, I hope you can all watch these. Also, this is not the complete soundtrack, just the songs I remember and like).
(I've Had) The Time of My Life (Billy Medley & Jennifer Warnes)
Surely the most iconic song of the whole soundtrack... I can't listen to it often enough. By the way, has anyone of you stumbled upon that horrible re-mix from The Black Eyed Peas? I never knew one could rape a piece of music, but it seems to be possible for them.
Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
Sorry for the bad quality. Not my favorite song of the soundtrack, but very sixties. And very good choice for the film, because of the name.
She's Like the Wind (Patrick Swayze)
Not a song I normally listen to, except when it's on the radio. A bit too 80s-ballade-y for me. But he wasn't the worst singer.
Hungry Eyes (Eric Carmen)
My second favorite song from the film. I'm one of those people who almost always have a tune in their heads, even while dreaming and right when I wake up. This is one that I very often find myself humming - either just inside my head or, well, outside.
Stay (Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs)
And this is my #1. Love, love, love this song and I won't ever get sick or bored of it. Why can't today's popular music be this good?
Hey Baby (Bruce Channel)
Another typical 60s song - so catchy!
So, I don't know how many males have read this, or how many males actually like DIRTY DANCING, but I'm sure some of them must like its music, or parts of it. Maybe this is a film specifically for women, however it's definitely not just a film about an inhibited girl falling in love with a hot guy. Like Vanessa Paradis says in L'ARNACOEUR; the special something about it is "that animalistic attraction" and wildness....Je suis d'accord.
Soundtrack of the Month - November '11

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