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Sounds About Towns - Campus Lake

Posted on the 07 September 2016 by Kandee @kandeecanread

For my next classroom assignment, another student and I were to go out around campus and we chose to go to Campus Lake. Campus Lake is a place that is filled with all kinds of sounds from the bugs harmonizing in the trees, to people conversing as they walk past to the annoying air vent's HUM as we tried to pick up other sounds. So, let's just say it was quite an adventure.
Going out in the wild recording sound is cool and all and I, for the most part, enjoyed standing around just holding a mic whilst cars went by and the bugs did their thing, but it is quite tiring lugging all that equipment around and it's hard to not notice the stares from passerbys that are confused about why two women are pointing a mic in the street. At one point, which you can hear softly in Stop 2, a guy even asked us what we were doing, which was frustrating as we'd been standing around for about an hour trying to get that sound recording in the first place and he ruined it by talking to us and we didn't have enough time to get a better stop, so I shooed him away and quickly turned my mic away from him.
And how could I forget Kelly and I's ludicrous chase for batteries. Upon receiving the equipment that day, when we decided to turn everything on, we realized that there were no batteries in the audio recorder, so we had to trek to the Student Center to get some. Upon arriving to the Student Center, another dilemma was forced upon us: the line was too long. So, we had to hustle on and get batteries from somewhere else. We ended up getting some, but it too way too much time to do so and all we wanted to do was record some sound
Sp, like I said, it was quite an adventure.   

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