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Sorry For the Absense

By Travelersmind
I realize I have been absent over the last couple weeks, and I apologize for that. Things have been pretty crazy in my life, lots of freelance work--which, lets be honest, is never a bad thing--and also a lot going on at my full time job. And while I would usually use my weekends to work on blogging, I have found the last few have been unbelievably busy. But I am making a promise right now to get back into my blogging swing and get some post up before the end of the month...though the days seem to be ticking by at an insanely fast rate.
To keep you somewhat satisfied until I get a full fledged post up here, I will provide a couple fun websites and articles I found recently.
If you want to find all your travel essentials in the proper carry-on size, check out this website:
In honor of my fast-approaching trip to Vegas, here is an interesting article about what you can get from room service in Sin City. 
There is a new hotel opening in Chicago that's right in my neighborhood, and there will soon be a rooftop bar opening...and I always love a good rooftop in summer.
What's a popular attraction or activity for people visiting cities? Hitting a brewery or distillery for a tour and tastings.
I know it's not much, but I will definitely be putting up some more elaborate and lengthy posts in the coming week. Stay tuned!!

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