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Soon-to-be on Holiday

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
It's been a... big week. PageYourself saw huge changes and I spearheaded the prep and celebratory efforts en anglais. Exciting, huh? Stressful, too. I've been desperately hoping for a holiday (in the UK-sense = vacation). And being that I haven't gotten away since August, a 48-hour change of scenery will suffice. Luckily, I have friends like Lara with family in Brussels who invited us to visit this weekend. Jackpot. One day, when I'm no longer living in Europe, I'm going to miss the ease with which I can now hop across borders. I mean, just look at the infographic below. Even overworked, overtired, and uninspired Brits seem to have it made:
5 Ways to Tell it is Time to Get Away Infographic
There is hope for my American friends, too :) fellow students can book a budget flight to Europe and potentially win a hotel stay, and everyone can afford to simply get outside more. May I also suggest playing tourist in your own city? It's what I've been trying to do in Paris as my time here is dwindling--I won't graduate until May, but thesis research will keep me in New York and London for a while... not that I'm complaining, of course. There may always be "stuff," but life can be an awfully great adventure if we let it be.

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