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Sometimes You Have to Do Scary Things

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

I just had the steepest roof job of my life. I previously had a post on how doing roof work can be dangerous and costly if you don’t do it right, and the danger part was at an all-time high when I did this job recently.

Pitched roof job
This roof was on top of a 5-story commercial building. The regular roof on top of the building is flat, and in the middle of this flat roof is a pitched roof. Something like this serves absolutely no need at all whatsoever. It’s just an “architectural detail” that looks pretty from the road. It’s supposed to make all the credit card holders of the world think the building looks pretty and want to shop there.

Unlike any job before, I had to take a deep breath and just swallow how scared I was to get on a roof with this steep a pitch. I made sure that I brought another guy on the job with me so that he could call an ambulance right away if I fell off.

I wouldn’t let the guy even go up there to do any of the work himself either, it was just too dangerous and he was too green when it comes to roofing.

Since you’re reading this, you can assume that I lived, but dudes, it was scary. And sometimes in life, you’ve just got to do the things that scare you.

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