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Sometimes Those That Share the Most Joy in the World Are Those That Suffer Silently. RIP Robin Williams

By Clarissayjada @urjustadumbass

In light of the tragic death of Robin Williams, a true icon that created laughter and inspiration, I feel the need to go off topic. Sometimes those that share the most joy in the world are those that suffer silently. Depression is a mental illness that can affect anyone. Most of the time, we will not know who is suffering because they suffer silently. Some turn to drugs and alcohol to cope and then become addicted.

“For that first week you lie to yourself, and tell yourself you can stop, and then your body kicks back and says, no, stop later.”- Robin Williams to The Guardian UK  about his battle with addiction.

Depression is isolating. Addiction is isolating. Self deception is isolating. AlROBIN WILLIAMSl temporary solutions to a challenging condition. As a mental health professional, I always wish there was more we can do. It’s the reason I started my blog.

2 years ago I started the blog as a conversation with myself about my experiences and as a behavior modification model for anyone looking to establish healthy relationships. I wanted to create a place where people can go to affirm their experience or seek information to change a suboptimal situation they are in. I wanted to remove clinical barriers and provide any reader with public science. It’s also a clinical model that reverses the therapeutic model. The solution is upfront and the reader works backwards to identify the core issue. Behind the blog I created an algorithm to guide content and the clinical model.

If I can take turn back time, I would do practice with celebrities who suffer silently. We could’ve saved a life and countless lives.

“O captain, my captain.”

Nanu Nanu.

RIP Robin Williams

Depression resources:

Suicide resources:

Addiction resources:

Take good care of yourselves and others.

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