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By Clairejustalittleless
Sometimes...1. I'm too busy to blog when work, home and family get in the way. But, honestly, blogging mostly gives me a buzz.
2. I remember my first crushes and wonder why - Daniel from Streetly 
3. ... and Trevor Eve from Shoestring? 
4. I wish I could see more of my friends who've moved away. I'm so looking forward to meeting up in the summer hols for coffee, lunch and chat. 
5. I look forward to those rare moments when I have the house to myself (not easy with a husband who works from home).
6. I'm shocked by the signs of aging post 45 – hello back fat, I didn't expect you.
7. I feel happy for no apparent reason. Simplifying my life has brought me so much happiness.
8. I love a 'creative' haircut. 
9. I dream of living on a barge.
10. It's all about an early night - warm drink, pjs, socks, book. 

There...  so nice to let these ten random thoughts escape. Linking in with Annie.


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