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Something Wicked This Way Comes

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

I thought I’d give you another peek inside my scrapbook (click here if you didn’t see the first one) and try and well…give some kind of explanation for the, er, craziness. You see I’ve always been interested in things like fairytales and folk-lore, as well as Greek and Roman mythology and children’s literature (a lot of books that are dubbed ‘children’s literature’ are based on ancient archetypes and deal with intense adult themes despite having young protagonists, but hey, I'll let that go) and nowhere is that more evident than in my scrapbooks. I put in pictures that basically don't make any sense to anyone, because they just look like things I see in my dreams or my nightmares. This makes it quite awkward to show them to anyone in ‘real life’, but somehow I’m not bothered by doing it over the internet (we're all allowed to be freaks here. Isn't it great?)
By the way, thanks to everyone for your kind birthday wishes, it was super lovely of you all and really put a smile on my face! xoxo

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