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Something Fishy

By Cbhojwani

Something FishyMarriage is built on numerous corner stones, which include compromise, communication and a balance. This trait often filters down in to almost every decision made, particularly ‘meal-time’.  The other night, Mrs.B pokes her head around the bedroom door and asks me;    ‘Do you want battered Cod or Fish Fingers?’    ‘Either.’ I say.    ‘The Cod doesn’t look that great.’ She pulls out a fillet from the frosted box.    ‘Okay, so the Fish Fingers then.’     ‘Didn’t you say you wanted the Cod?’ She sates as she places her hands on her waist.    ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ I shrug.    ‘But we can have Fish Fingers if you want, we have a full box.’Something FishyRaising my gaze away from my laptop, I finally give this dilemma my full attention.         ‘Fine, lets have Fish Fingers then.’ Waving her hand at me, Mrs.B responds with ‘Ugh! Let's just have Cod, I’ve already put some in the oven." Before leaving the room!
Marriage Tip No. 55: Sometimes a question isn’t a question, but a statement! All you need to know is how to decrypt it!
Welcome to our CODed Marriage! 

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Awesome, totally true!