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Some Thoughts for Saturday

By Sue15cat
Some Thoughts for Saturday
We like signs ... they are dotted around our house.  
I am an incorrigible reader so if I see the written word I read it no matter where it is or where I am.  Ask my Mum, she used to take me in the toilets with her when I was little and I would read every label and every sign, on the vending machines on the doors, on the walls.  No matter what it said or how embarrassing to her her explanation seemed in front of a queue of waiting ladies I read it out loud and asked for an explanation  ;-)
Some Thoughts for Saturday
How true is this .... I try to work on thinking like a dog when I walk mine, but with three thinking different things it's difficult.  With Rosy it's 'where can we get to next,' with Mavis it's 'can I pee on it' and with Suky it's 'can I eat it'.
Some Thoughts for Saturday
Let nature recharge us  :-)
Have a good Saturday.
Sue xx
(All these images were picked up from Facebook.)

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