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Some Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kim Jong-un

Posted on the 04 April 2013 by Teymarie @teymarie

He’s currently the center of all major headlines worldwide, but the truth is not much is known about King Jong-un, leader of the world’s most rogue nation – North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un

Did you know..

Kim Jong-un is the youngest of three sons, but was chosen by his father to be the successor of North Korea because he was his favorite. This favoritism stemmed from an extremely strong resemblance Un showed in both physical features of his father and personal characteristics.

Un received his primary education at a German-speaking school in Switzerland, where he showed no real interest in academics. One of the schools he attended was an international school with other children of world diplomats.  At 15 years old, one might call Un spoiled – he had his own flat, private chef and personal driver. (Hey, there’s a new idea next time your strapped for cash, “But Mommmmmm, even Kim Jong-il paid for his son’s apartment! *insert whiny voice here*)

Back in Korea, Un got two degrees, one in physics from Kim Il Sung University and another from Kim Il Sung Military Academy. I guess there he could always just say, “Excuse me professor, but if you don’t give me an A+ I’ll have my father kill you.”

No one knows Uns’ exact age, but between the estimations of 28-30, he’s currently the youngest head of state.

His father, Kim Jong-il, was born in Russia

According to the Chinese, Un has undergone plastic surgery several times in order to closer resemble his grandfather and first leader of the DPRK, Kim Il-sung. Although the regime vigorously denied the claim, they still issued a private message to the Chinese media not to “report, comment on, or redistribute stories about the personal lives of North Korean leaders (such as face-lifts).”

Un’s mother, Ko Young-hee, was actually born in Japan, however both of her parents were Korean. During her younger years she was a singer and dancer with the Mansudae Art Troupe. She died in 2004 from cancer while reportedly seeking medical treatment in France.

Un’s aunt (his mothers’ sister) Ko Young Sook, fled to the United States from North Korea in 2001.

In the Mac versus PC age, Un chooses Mac (sorry PC, shafted again).

He’s afraid of barbers so he cuts his own hair. Apparently, the tight high-top fade has actually become quite the fashion trend in North Korea.

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