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Some Things I’ve Been Asked About My Nepali Intercultural Relationship

By Hanna

Over the past year people have said some funny things to me about my relationship, my choice of partner or my decisions in life. It has provided me with some good laughs so I thought I would share…

“I am surprised you are still together after being long distance. I didn’t think you would be. Enjoy your relationship while it lasts, I don’t think it will last much longer” What a compliment!

“Nepal? Do people even live in the mountains?” Believe it or not, Nepal is not just mountains!

“When you live with Nepalese they will make you clean and do all work.” “Umm, no they won’t. Besides they have a cleaner.” “Only until you arrive.” I just couldn’t stop laughing at this.

“What language do they speak? Hindu?” Trying to explain the difference between the Hindu religion and Hindi language seems to be a daily ordeal.

“Nepali men will make you mad” Isn’t that all men?

“You won’t ever walk down the aisle when you get married. Do they even have aisles in temples?” Who says? I just don’t even know where to start on this one.

“You won’t ever wear white at your wedding now” Again, who says? Just watch me.

“When you go to Nepal will you have to wear a headscarf?” …No

“Can he even speak English?” I should certainly hope so after graduating in the UK.

“When things don’t work out with him then you can always come to India and marry me” Haha! Nice to know people are offering a plan B.

“You will get mugged in Nepal” Thanks for installing confidence in me.

“What’s his name?”“His name is M****.”“Oh no, I meant his last name”. Ah, yes. Caste questions.

“Oh. He looks Indian. Are you sure he isn’t Indian?” Pretty sure. But please, don’t compare Nepalis to Indians unless you want to insult them.

“He studies Economics?…Strange.” Peoples shock at a Nepali that doesn’t study the ‘typical’ subjects.

“Have you converted religion? You are always wearing Asian clothes.” In this case ‘always’ meaning a few special occasions. And since when has ‘Asian clothes’ defined a religion?

“What language does he speak? Indian?” What do people assume is going on in these countries?!

“Oh so that is why you’re a vegetarian!” Huh? M is now a vegetarian because of me!

“You are still young. When you are my age you will realize that these relationships don’t last forever.” What a miserable view.

My reaction

My reaction

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