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Some Things

By Hollyshaun0528 @TwinglesMom42
I've got all these odds and ends on my mind.
Let's start with some good stuff: Fit Moms Club!
Fit Moms Club

Alright, this week I made a workout schedule and pretty much stuck to it.
My schedule was written as follows:
Sunday - Spin @ 6:30pm followed by a walk with a friend @ 8pm
Monday - Spin @ 6:45pm
Tuesday - Off (Shaun works at night)
Wednesday - Spin @ 6:45pm
Thursday - Spin @ 5:45pm
Friday - Free workout
Saturday - Off (Family day/Shaun works at night)
Sunday, I did both workouts on the schedule, but that ended up being too much on my feet. I earned double the activity points suggested for one day on Weight Watchers so I skipped Spin on Monday. I did go to Spin on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, I spent 2 hours swimming with the kids so I counted that as my workout since it really was plenty of work! Then today I rested and played with my kids.
I'm doing pretty well sticking to my food points on Weight Watchers too. As of this morning, I'm down 5.6 lbs since I rejoined 3 weeks ago. Woot. :)
Now, other stuff...
- I've been slacking on the blog and I know it. I do not have a good excuse. Sorry friends.
-I'd like to thank my good friend Elizabeth from The Wish to Find Out and Teach Preschool for sharing the idea of window painting with me. The kids did this activity with Tempura paints this morning and loved every moment of it! Once we were finished, it was really easy to just hose everyone and everything down. I love an easy clean up!
Some Things

Some Things

Dawson was really more interested in painting himself than the windows.

Some Things

But Acacia, my little artist, was beyond enthusiastic!

Some Things

The completed masterpiece

-I'm so so so excited to be going for a night away tomorrow. We'll only be away from the kids for 24 hours and just an hour out of town, but it's a nice little getaway that Shaun and I get every year. We don't typically get big vacations, but this little trip is plenty for us.
-I've never been more thankful that Shaun and I are both employed right now. There's nothing like long-term unemployment to make you appreciate what you've got. I heard this song for the first time this week and it nearly brought me to tears. We're lucky and very very grateful for it. The only bad news is that Shaun is only guaranteed his current job through April of next year.

 -I think it's incredibly sad that Amy Winehouse has died. Twenty-seven is far too young. I'm only twenty-eight and I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me. My heart is broken for her family. The world has lost a beautiful voice.
Some Things

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