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Some Great News and Some Great Finds

By Tinybear @tinybeardk
I promised I would show you my findsfrom my latest visit at my all time favorite flea marketbut first I want to share some great news with you.I now have a sales representative in the US.Sweet Felicia at The Bear Scoutis going to represent me and my bears at hershows across the US and in Japan too.I´m so happy to start working with Felicia and a little bunch of bears are already on their way across the oceanto make their debut over there.Among is this sweet little black fellow above.He is only 4.2 inch - his name is Pierre*****And now to my lucky finds.let´s have a closer looka few beautiful table runnersone is hand crochetsome pieces of torn pillowcases with laceand pieces with beautiful crochet flowerssweet little pillow casessome tattered silverwareand a few teeny tiny french chocolate moldsa huge bunch of wonderful lace and ribbon.another sweet pillowcase with embroidery - F.H.more crochet lace piecesold handkerchiefs and some doilies too.this awesome glass jar - you can´t really see it, butthe shape is very cool.More wonderful french chocolate moldsan old book filled with music sheets - some of thepages with beautiful graphicand an old photo album - no cabinet cards insidebut that doesn´t matter at all - these are so rare over here. and this very cool oldmeasuring tape - I don´t know how oldthis is - I have never seen any like that over here before.Here´s a closeup of some of the lace piecesHow beautiful are they.I can´t wait to use everythingin my creations.justbetter go work on some bears first.Thank you so much for visiting todaymy sweet friends.Wishing every one of youa beautiful and wonderful weekend.Tina ♥♥♥

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