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Some Folks Cannot Resist Playing the You're-a-...

By Holli
Some folks cannot resist playing the you're-a-racist card because they think it is perpetually trump, and it saves them the trouble of having to actually respond intelligently. Shoot the messenger and no need to deal with the message, old story. Defending oneself against a racism charge is always going to sound as lame as the No-I-don't-actually-beat-my-wife response, but it is very hard for the accused to bite one's lip and not try because they feel it is so wrong and unfair.. Holli is clearly not racist of course but some of the response-attacks sure were heading that way, eg the immigration-should-ban-her call. As someone here observed, would it have elicited the same vitriolic response from Nana et al if Holli's Jamestown piece had been written by a black Ghanaian, a non-expat? Be honest now and think about it a minute--it will tell you where the real xenophobia lurks here.

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