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Some Excellent Wedding Decor Ideas

By Demi Mist @Beautyandmist

Decor is an integral part of your wedding ceremony and you will surely want it to be extremely stunning and memorable. Let us go through some excellent decor ideas which you can apply in your own wedding ceremony.

Embroidery Hoops: If the wedding venue is at outdoors and trees are present, you can use embroidery hoops for decorating the place. The hoops can be hanged down from the tree which can provide a traditional-cum-modern look in your wedding venue.

Some Excellent Wedding Decor Ideas

Projectors: When you are planning for an indoor, you can definitely use projectors. With this, you can easily bring the outdoors within indoors. Try using a backdrop with sceneries of trees or mountains and take your vows in front of them.

Wooden Sign Board: You can take help from the local woodworking shop to create a wooden sign board. The sign may contain the tag line of your wedding. The text can be designed by the stencil from your computer and the carpenter can then provide shape to the sign. You can paint the board and hang them at the top of the tree if you are arranging the ceremony outdoors.

Paper Garlands: If you want to give that vintage look in your decor you can use the paper garlands. You may have hired musicians from the artist/celebrity management agency . The backdrop of the band of musicians can also be decorated with paper garlands. You may keep the colors as monochromatic with just the cream and the white to bring out that traditional look.

Airplant Arch : An arch can be created with plants and flowers to give that organic feeling into your wedding decor. For making the arch, the Airplant can be the best choice but you can also include roses and hydrangeas of white blooms to create the floral design.

Frame With Paper Garlands: Colorful bits of paper can be used for this purpose. The guests can include some messages to the bride and groom in the paper sheets. Now those paper bits can be hanged like garlands within a frame. The frame can be thus used as the main backdrop for the ceremony. The bride and groom will surely have a feeling that they are surrounded by the best wishes of their loved ones while they are taking their vows.

Fabric Tent: You can buy striped fabric of your preferred colors and make a huge tent with that. The bride and groom can take the vow or cut their wedding cake within the tent. The draped fabric tent can really be an excellent idea for doing something different.

Paper Flowers And Pinwheels: If you were into origami in your childhood, you must have gone through pinwheels and paper flowers. Now they can be used in a unique way to manage the decor of your wedding. It will add color and drama in your wedding in a true sense.

You can also use feathers and shells if you like them. So, consult with the event designers to get professional ideas like these and create a unique decor for your wedding.

By Sujain Thomas

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