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Some Days You Just Need A Bit Of Support

By Chardonaldson
All I can say today is thank goodness for a loving, caring support network.
Yesterday wasn't the best. Some of it was okay. And some was pretty good. But the good bit - speed session at the beginning of the day (please don't tell Coach Chris that speed session was the highlight - it'll go to his head) - was overshadowed by the not-so-good.
Some work stuff. Some family stuff. An inability to just let it all go meant that I went to bed feeling a bit anxious. And I woke up feeling a bit anxious. And then I carried that anxiety all the way round on my run this morning. Like I was carrying a belly full of lead weight. My mind just wouldn't let it go. I was almost hoping that the Botanical Garden Flasher would strike and distract me from the stuff that was happening in my head.
Distraction finally came in the form of two hairy friends. So happy to see me home. Bringing gifts and joy to greet me.
Some Days You Just Need A Bit Of Support
To them I am perfect. Even my sweat tastes good. Especially from my left knee. Although it did make Toby burp.
Then I met up with a friend who just gets it. In one sentence she summed up exactly how my life feels sometimes. Because she's felt it too. And it's so good to know that it's not just me.
From there I hit the shops. To get a birthday card. And to have another coffee because it's likely that today will require additional caffeine. 
Spontaneity led me into a store I hadn't been in yet. The promise of a decent discount led me to the Intimate Apparel section. And despite the most hideous fitting room lighting - my home mirror definitely is kinder than the one I stood in front of today - I managed to procure the kind of support that every female runner craves. Unwavering, firm support that points you back in the right direction when you've lost your way. 
In pretty colours.Some Days You Just Need A Bit Of Support

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