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Solving Immigration Problems for the North American Union

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Adask

Illegal Aliens expressing their gratitude to be in the USA [courtesy Google Images]

Illegal Aliens expressing their gratitude for being allowed into the USA
[courtesy Google Images]

The Washington Times

“House Republicans moved to tackle the border crisis at the source Wednesday, proposing to set up repatriation centers in Central American countries to help send back the wave of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children arriving in the U.S.”

Why build “repatriation centers” in Central America when already have them, right here in the US? They’re called “embassies”.

If a child from Honduras enters the US illegally, we should deliver that child to the Honduras embassy and let Honduras figure out what to do with their child. The child is not an American problem. The child is an Honduran problem. So let Honduras deal with their children and their problems.

Let Honduras decide whether to keep their child at their embassy or ship him home—but do not allow Honduras to release their child from their embassy into the US without a visa. If they do, we’ll understand that release as an effort by the Honduras government to traffic in child across an international border or even an act of war—and see that the responsible Honduras embassy officials are properly prosecuted in US or international courts.

If we find 5,000 Honduran children alone and apparently abandoned in the United States, we’ll deliver all 5,000 to the nearest Honduras embassies and let Honduras figure out what do with their children. Again, they can either keep their Honduran kids in their Honduran embassy or pay to have their Honduran kids shipped back to their home country: Honduras.

Similarly, if children or young men and women enter this country illegally from Mexico, we should simply deliver them to the nearest Mexican embassies and let Mexico figure out what they plan to do with their lost children and/or their illegal aliens.

Again, the Mexican government would have two options:

1) Pay to feed, clothe and provide for their Mexican illegals in their Mexican embassies; or

2) Pay to ship their people back to Mexico.

We keep dealing with the illegal alien problem as if it were America’s problem. It’s not. It’s the problem of the nation from which the illegal aliens emigrated. So why not shift the cost of illegal aliens onto the government of whatever nation that they come from? You can do that by stuffing the illegals’ home embassies with hundreds, even thousands of children and “illegal aliens”. And don’t let them out on the American streets unless they acquire a visa or are being transported back to their home country.

What would happen? Once the embassies of Honduras and Mexico were: 1) filled to over-flowing with their own people who’d entered the US illegally; and 2) their national governments were forced to bear the cost of feeding and clothing their own people in their embassies and of shipping them back to their native country; then 3) those foreign governments might realize that it’s cheaper to prevent their own people from leaving their home country to enter the US illegally than it is absorb the cost of housing them in their embassies and then flying them back to their home countries after they’ve been found in the US and delivered to one of their nation’s embassies.

“The [Republican] plan called for an aggressive public relations campaign in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to discourage families from sending their children on the long journey to America, as well as establishing border security measures not just in the U.S. but in those Central American countries and Mexico.

“These dramatic steps on foreign soil were part of a $1.5 billion plan drawn up by a House GOP task force.”

Not just a “public relations campaign,” but an “aggressive public relations campaign”. Pretty impressive, hmm?

Actually, how stupid is that proposal?

Well, first, it’s lunacy to suppose that we can solve the illegal alien problem with even an “aggressive public relations campaign”. No one is going to talk those who want to come to the US out of trying to do so.

Therefore, I have to presume the Republicans’ real goal is to create a program in a foreign country that’s funded by US taxpayers but established and operated by special corporate interests close to the Republican Party. The program won’t work, of course, but some corporations will get rich trying to achieve the impossible.

Second, Americans do not need to pay for an “aggressive public relations campaign” in foreign countries. What we need to pay for is an effective border barrier, right here, between Mexico and the United States. Instead of urinating our money away in Central America, we should spend it right here to build an effective barrier between Mexico and the US.

Third, whatever is going on in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is no concern of the United States—but it might be the concern of the North American Union which is designed to include Canada, the United States, Mexico and perhaps Central America.

It may be the business of the North American Union to use US dollars to wage a “public relations campaign” in Mexico and Central America because they are all part of the proposed North American Union. But “aggressive publican relations campaigns” in Mexico and Central American are not the business of government of The United States of America because Mexico and Central America are not part of The United States of America. Our rights and legitimate governmental obligations begin and end at our borders. Maintaining those borders is crucial to maintaining our God-given, unalienable Rights.

Insofar as the Republican Party seeks to solve the problem of illegal aliens in the US by going to their home country with an “aggressive public relations campaign,” the Republican Party leadership implies that its real loyalty is not to The United States of America but to the North American Union and/or the New World Order.

The House plan for an “aggressive public relations campaign” in foreign countries indicates that Republican Party leadership:

1) has no interest in establishing and maintaining our national borders;

2) is opposed to protecting The United States of America from invasion by illegal aliens;

3) has no more interest in enforcing existing laws than Barack Obama;

4) is dedicated to establishing a North American Union that allows the unfettered immigration of all people in North America into the United States—even though that unlimited immigration and North American Union will mean the destruction of The United States of America as a viable and independent nation; and

5) is not averse to committing treason against The United States of America in order to establish the North American Union.

•  Don’t suppose that I’m only ragging on the Republicans. The Democrat Party’s leadership is every bit as greedy, self-serving, pro-North American Union, and treasonous.

Leadership of both major political parties has been seized by agents loyal to the North American Union and the New World Order.

Both party’s leadership needs a complete purge.

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