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By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
Solly Baby CASTING CALL All right, all beautiful Mamas and Babies! 
Solly Baby - my absolute FAVORITE baby wrap is searching for models for their new line.If your baby is 6 months or younger, make sure to send your info! 
Elle - CEO and Founder - is amazingly talented and beautiful person * inside and out* and we were so lucky to be a part of her business last year! {sniff. one more reason i wish my baby didn't grow so fast}
You can find more information on her site here. Oh, and that striped ORGANIC bamboo wrap is to die for. I think there should be a way to start a fashion of wearing wraps even if you don't have a baby or your baby is too big - new fashion trend. Yay?  

A few reasons why The Wrap by Solly Baby is different than other wraps:

We use all natural, USA made fabrics so they are the softest, most luxurious knits you’ll find anywhere.The Wrap is lighter and slimmer than any other stretchy wrap, making it ideal even on the hottest days.Our solid color wraps are custom-dyed using environmentally friendly, soy-based dyes. This makes for the most stylish baby carrier (possibly ever?) that is never outdated and will make you feel like having a baby was the best fashion choice you’ve ever made.It’s not baby gear. Our wraps are so small that you can keep it in your diaper bag all of the time without even noticing it’s there. Talk about convenient!Our wraps are the only wraps (patent pending) that fold into themselves and are tucked nicely right into a little pouch on end of the wrap. This makes it so you’ll never need to haul another bag around or worry about losing it.I used to lose my son’s pacifier all of the time when I would carry him so we added a little, hidden pocket on one end of the wrap for easy storage that’s right on hand when you need it.Every part of our wraps is made in the USA right down to the letter-pressed instructions. We want to make sure our wraps are made properly and with care.We care! We donate 5% of ALL of our profits to charities that help to improve maternal care for mothers across the world!

A few reasons why baby wearing is amazing:

It’s one of the best (and easiest!) ways to promote bonding with your babyGives you your hands back while keeping your baby closeHelps to calm even the fussiest babyProvides a womb-like environment for baby that makes them feel secure, safe, and comfortableWraps distribute the weight evenly all over your upper body so it won’t tug on your shoulders or back and it naturally distributes baby’s weight correctly as well, without putting extra pressure on baby’s joints and spine like most carriers doIt feels like your baby is giving you a big, sweet hug every time you wear it!
And I think you know how I feel about baby wearing. Having a toddler and a baby, it's a lifesaver, when I want to have less bulk, use a single stroller, and connect with my baby.
I can honestly say, ever since taking into babywearing, we ALL have become MUCH happier.

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