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Solids & Introducing Them To Your Baby

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Solids & Introducing Them To Your Baby

Introducing Solids


Due to the new weaning guidelines you are advised to delay introducing solids until your baby is six months old. You will know when your baby is ready for solid food as they will start to demand more feeds, or if his/her weight gain has begun to slow down.


When you do start introducing solids it will take time, this is a new challenge for both mom and baby. Your baby will pull some strange faces for sure, not only is this new taste, but also a new texture. She may like it, she may not, spitting food out is no indication to if she likes it and more to do with that she has no idea what she is meant to do with it in her mouth.


Weaning should be done gradually, bland foods are ideal to start with and one new food at a time is ideal as it gives you an idea of what tastes your baby prefers. Baby rice and cereal mixed with milk are perfect to start weaning with. Pureed vegetables and fruit such as carrot, potato, apples, pears and bananas seem to be a favorite weaning food.


I asked 100 mothers when they introduced solids:


  • 16 introduced solid food before 4 months
  • 19 Introduced solid food at 4 months
  • 14 Introduced solid food at 5 months
  • 51 Introduced solid food at 6 months


Top Tips To Introducing Solid Food


  • Use a specific time each day to begin with: it can be breakfast or lunch
  • Give your baby a spoon to hold, this makes it more fun for them
  • Always use plastic spoons designed for your baby
  • A few spoonful’s are often enough in the early days
  • Ensure your weaning items are clean
  • Always test the food to ensure it is not too hot
  • Choking is a major hazard to always start with a runny/smooth texture


Things To Avoid When Introducing Solids

  • Never add salt to food
  • Your baby does not need sugary foods, natural sugar found in fruit and vegetables are enough
  • Nuts are never to be given to a baby or young child
  • Cow’s Milk is not needed until your baby is a year old
  • Eggs are not recommended until your baby is a year old
  • Shellfish should not be given till your baby is two years old
  • Seeds should never be given due to the high risk of chocking
  • All food should be cooked; raw food can be dangerous to your baby


Weaning and introducing solids does not have to be difficult, follow your babies lead and enjoy this time together.

What about you? At what age did you introduce solids?


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