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Solar Energy

By Futli @futlim

Storage of solar energy and other energies into heat, mechanical, chemical, and electricity is the method. These cycles, or direct water heating, swimming havusu and greenhouse heating, boiling and cooking, drying of crops, water distillation, heating and cooling of buildings (Air conditioning), electricity generation and is used to achieve the photochemical and photosynthetic cycles.

Solar Energy

Solar heating of living areas in the 1970s, gained momentum. Water heated by the stored energy and, where necessary, directly or by increasing the temperature of the heating system pipes to send and space heaters, heated classic. At low temperatures, comfortable, healthy and economically more successful than the application of floor heating systems. However, honeycomb radiator to take advantage of the maximum levels of energy use must keep wide. Turkey is currently only used for hot water, the weight to be given çalışmalarada was conducted in the generation of electricity. In particular regions of the Aegean and Mediterranean holiday homes and houses the solar panels are most preferred in the recent period residences müsatikil around Istanbul which is preferred. Space heating with solar energy system will meet year-round hot water consumption is extremely economical and the shorter duration of your investment return.
Solar Energy

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By Krishna
posted on 25 June at 19:36
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Its a very good option for the controlling pollution & globalwarmings