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Solange Elevator Brawl With Her Brother In Law Jay-Z!

Posted on the 13 May 2014 by Renee Mcdonald
Alright, so if I was a fly, I'd want to be on the wall of the elevator carrying Jay-Z, Beyounce and Solange Knowles that night of the showdown...
Because no one know's exactly what happened or what was said to Solange to set her off to the point of wanting to beat the crap out of her brother in-law Jay-Z, except them those four walls and that bodyguard, which I doubt he's talking...
Solange Elevator Brawl With Her Brother In Law Jay-Z!Yet, I was surprised by how calm and collected everyone was before and after they got in and out the elevator. Then how fast they got it together when those elevator doors opened for the last time.
 Solange lunged over to knock, along with kick the crap out of her brother in law as her sister Beyounce stepped in to fix her dress. Then the reaction of the three as they exited the elevator, priceless. Jay-Z rubbing his face, looking like he just got the Sh*t slapped out of him (which he did), Beyounce fake smile looking puzzled and Solange storming right pass the press, looking deranged.
Solange Elevator Brawl With Her Brother In Law Jay-Z!Yet, all I could think was "They sure know how to put up a facade for the camera's in 0 to 2 seconds," but really this whole Beyounce and Jay-Z relationship reminds me of nothing but Ike and Tina Turner's relationship. And we all know how that went down, along with how much Beyounce loved and admired Tina Turner, as she said before herself even as a child. So, hopefully her life won't play out like Ike and Tina's. Then how ironic that Beyounce Mother's name is Tina too.
Hopefully, Beyounce will not be reciting the line's from" What's Love Got To Do With It" when Anna May go's to the court and tell the judge "He Can Keep Everything, But I'm Keeping The Last Name" and " Jay-Z be like " Now, Now, You Can't Keep The Last Name"..... Lol

Seriously ,all jokes aside, I wish them the best in their personal life,which ever direction it takes them outside the entertainment industry, because when it get's physical something then one go cra-cra.
Then what's been going on with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon!? Rumor's are their relationship is on the rock's, but according to ABCnews.com Nick Cannon spoke to Parade magazine saying rumors are:

"Carey wants to "cut him loose" because she's angry about him talking about his past sexual exploits in interviews ," but tell's the magazine the rumors has "no merit or truth."

Solange Elevator Brawl With Her Brother In Law Jay-Z!
None the less, when it comes to relationship's sometimes, even in Hollywood as Outkast state's "Lean and little bit closer and see that roses really smell like" and you know the rest.

Until next time...Thank's for reading blog ;.p

The Solange Elevator Brawl With Jay-Z

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