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Sociology Deviance and Crime Essay - Info Nollywood

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This course appeals to your students' familiarity with a variety of sensory inputs and stimulus. With an emphasis on visual arts, the 69 lessons introduce learners to careers in design, photography, performing arts, fashion, and journalism, among others. This engaging course covers inherently engaging topics that will stimulate your students as they consider careers in which the arts, technology, and communications intersect.

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In an increasingly interconnected world, this course will introduce your students to an industry that delivers what people want, when and how they want it. The TDL industry is essential to creating global economic growth through increasingly more efficient delivery of goods and services. This course will help to develop both the quantitative and qualitative skills and knowledge required for students to prepare themselves for a successful TDL career. The course addresses the relevant logistical and geopolitical issues that impact global trade.

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Middle School Health aids students in creating a foundation of personal health. Beginning with properly defining health, this course then builds upon basic health practices to emphasize the importance of balance. Attention is given to each of the six dimensions of wellness namely, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental. Students are taught the skills necessary to improve every aspect of health. They are also encouraged to reflect upon their own personal wellness each week.

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This course is aligned to the PRAXIS II exam objectives. The PRAXIS II: General Science, Part 7 course covers four units of content: Unit 6: Introductory Chemistry, Unit 7: Chemical Transformations, Unit 8: Physical Science, and Unit 9: Earth and Space Science.

In Middle School . History, learners will explore historical American events with the help of innovative videos, timelines, and interactive maps and images. The course covers colonial America through the Reconstruction period. Learners will develop historical thinking and geography skills, which they will use throughout the course to heighten their understanding of the material. Specific topics of study include the . Constitution, the administrations of George Washington and John Adams, the War of 6867, and the Civil War.

This semester-long course focuses on building good sentences. Students will learn how to put words, phrases, and clauses together and how to punctuate correctly. They will start using sentences in short compositions. As an extra bonus, students will add some new words to their vocabulary, and they will practice spelling difficult words. Near the end of the course, students are to submit a book report. Early in the course, encourage students to start looking for the books they want to read for the book report. They might also preview the introduction to that lesson so they know what will be expected.

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of computer programming. Students learn how to compile and run a Java program. They learn to use arithmetic, relational, and logical operators. They learn to use different decision-making and loop statements. They learn to create classes, methods, String objects, and an ArrayList object. They learn to perform sequential search, binary search, selection sort, and insertion sort on an array. They learn to implement object-oriented programming design. They learn to implement inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. Further, they describe privacy and legality in the context of computing.

Built on the same sound pedagogy and proven course design methodologies as all of our courses, Medical Terminology helps students understand the structure and meaning of medical terms and identify medical terminology associated with various body systems. As the health care industry becomes more and more complex, developing expertise in accurately and efficiently identifying medical terms and their specific application is essential to a growing variety of health care careers. This course begins to prepare your students for those careers.

This course is aligned to the PRAXIS II exam objectives. The PRAXIS II: World and US History course covers four units of content: Unit 6 - World History - Early Civilizations to the mid-6855s, Unit 7 - World History - Mid 6855s to the Present, Unit 8 - US History - Exploration to the Civil War, and Unit 9 - US History - Post Civil War to the Present.

The art of public speaking is one which underpins the very foundations of Western society. This course examines those foundations in both Aristotle and Cicero's views of rhetoric, and then traces those foundations into the modern world. Students will learn not just the theory, but also the practice of effective public speaking, including how to analyze the speeches of others, build a strong argument, and speak with confidence and flair. By the end of this course, students will know exactly what makes a truly successful speech and will be able to put that knowledge to practical use.

Sociology deviance and crime essay - Info Nollywood

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