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Social Services Took My Kids Away

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
ID 10024631 Social Services Took My Kids Away


I would like to share my life with you all, hopefully it can help others, can I please ask no judging there are things I’m going to share here that I have never told anyone before, but after becoming friends with Emma (The Real Supermum) and received much help from the mums group she runs, I feel the time is right for me to get a few things off my chest.

Social Services Took My Kids Away

I was brought up in what I thought was a typical family, from the ages of 5 to 7 I was sexually abused. The heart-breaking part to this is not so much the sexual abuse but the fact that my mother knew and even covered for her secret lover, she did the unthinkable and convinced me it had been my own father.

My mother had brain washed me into believing it was my father who abused me, it wasn’t until I was 29 that I found out the truth. It had been my mother’s boyfriend who she was having an affair with; needless to say I can never forgive my mother.

Growing up from the age of 8 I cooked and cleaned for myself as my mother neglected me, emotionally and physically abused me, nothing was ever done around the home. I had no one to help me, nobody to turn too. My school had concerns but they never did anything, suspecting it was not as bad as it seemed.

I eventually ran away from home as I could take no more but I was soon brought back. After returning home I was sexually abused by a boy I sort of knew, I pushed it to the back of mind. I guess I had accepted the fate that I was there for others to abuse.

I then ran away for the second time and as a result I ended up in care, shipped from foster home to foster home. I knew I didn’t fit in anyway and that nobody really cared for me. I painted a smile on my face and hiding the truth from friends, when I was 17 I finally got kicked out.

Social Services placed me in a youth hostel and I was basically left to get on with it. I soon became pregnant with my first child; his father was abusive and broke my nose while I was holding our son. I left him; I wasn’t going to stand for it anymore. My whole life people had hurt me.

I then met my daughter’s father, he was a nice bloke but I couldn’t understand why he didn’t hit me or was not abusive towards me. I was told so many lies about him, I didn’t know what to believe and I ended it with him.

After the birth of my daughter I struggled with postnatal depression, I had no help, I stupidly asked Social Services for help.  At first they were great and offered me the help needed, I was assigned a new social worker; I was then emotional abused by her. Nothing I did was right in her eyes and the help I was receiving faded and ended. She made me feel a failure. Social Services decided my children were better off without me, they took my kids away.

I was pushed to a nervous breakdown because of her and forced into giving my children to their dads. My sons father started drinking again and my son was put on the at risk register. I had to fight through the courts for my son, but I lost. I couldn’t fight the lies she told about me and I was not aware of the rights I had.

This inspirational post was written anonymously by a mom who is a member of my Facebook mums group. I have full permission to share her story. If you can relate to this post and would like to share your own anonymous post please contact me. You could help us share the blogs love to helping others by sharing via the social sharing buttons bellow.


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