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Social Media Profiles and Your Job Search

Posted on the 08 November 2011 by Interactive Portfolio @IntPortfolio

Social Media Profiles and Your Job Search

Social media websites can aid in the job search process; however, your conduct on such sites can also play a role in decreasing your chances of getting hired as well. Conducting social media background checks to gather information about prospective candidates is becoming more popular among hiring managers. Companies are looking for reliable, thoughtful employees and if they see evidence to the contrary on your Facebook page or Twitter posts, they may be less inclined to hire you.

What you say online and the way that you present yourself within the cyber world does matter and it can most certainly come back to haunt you. Pictures displaying questionable behavior and using vulgar language on your profile might seem harmless, but it could potentially scare employers away. Additionally, comments and postings airing controversial views can also raise red flags with employers that may cause them to question whether or not you will be a liability to them in the future.

While using social media for entertainment and unwinding after hours is well within your rights, keep in mind that employers can and will judge you accordingly. It is a good rule of thumb to keep your profile both private (available only to your friends) and free of content that might be perceived as offensive or unprofessional to a prospective employer. Be wise in your online communications and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with how you would act if people outside of your circle were watching you. As a candidate in a competitive job market, it is imperative to ensure that you do not contradict an employer’s perception of you as a qualified professional in your social media profiles.

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