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Social Media Explained: Are You Doing It Right?

Posted on the 06 February 2012 by Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

So this is a design blog.  Well, more of a lifestyle blog really, since what I am always getting at is quality of life (somewhat revolving around shiny, pretty things).  But did you know that what my life actually revolves around is business?  Mostly my business, but also the concept of business in general.  I do talk a lot about supporting small businesses because I think entrepreneurs are going to save the world, and they’re mostly really nice people too.

But I don’t really ever mention my love for the nature of business – scheming & organizing, website development, marketing, people meeting.  Yeah, I’m obsessed with it.  I read lots of books, go to events and conferences, spend almost every waking moment (and most of my asleep ones) thinking about different ways of doing things and new project ideas and such.  A lot of this is design related, of course, but down deep it’s really just another outlet of creativity.

So today, instead of a gratitude or design post, I was in the mood to write about social media.  Because that’s one very large element of my passion.

Specifically for small businesses, I wrote this article for people who are not quite in the game yet.  If you are someone who is resistant to starting, wants to start but are overwhelmed by all the choices, or have started but don’t know how to spend your time – then I wrote this for you.  This is a breakdown of the Top Social Media contenders and what they can do for you, plus my favorite resources for how to get started.

Here’s a quick peak:

Social Media Explained: Are You Doing It Right?

I wrote this as an article instead of a blog post because it’s kind of long, though broken down clearly so you can skip to the sections that interest you.  Also, I have no idea if my blog readers are even remotely interested in reading this.  So I figured I’d test it out and see.

Click through and let me know what you think, where you are at with social media, and if you’d want me to share more insight here on the blog.   Happy Monday.

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