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By Vixenmade @vixenMade
Don't you love all the social networking sites and apps nowadays?
Especially as a blogger.  I love staying connected to other bloggers and followers.

Social Media

And if you don't yet, you can find and follow me at all of the following places:  Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Google Plus, Twitter, Etsy (although my shop is on hold at the moment) and one of my favorites.. Instagram!
Which one's your favorite?

Anyways, to find me at each of these, just click those little icons in the top right corner.  See them?
You can add me to your RSS feed, too.  Or if you ever have a question or comment for me, give me a shout via email!

I figured since I put up some new icons, I should add some that I've been using for awhile but have yet to add to my blog.  Until now.  Yay!

Social Media

Hope to connect with you!

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