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So, You Think #Steelers Coaches and GM Might Be Fired During And/or After the 2013 Season?

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
So, you think #Steelers coaches and GM might be fired during and/or after the 2013 season? Here's my take on it
Ed Bouchette:cool:
Let’s get a few things straight. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley won’t be fired this season, Mike Tomlin won’t be fired after the season and the only way Kevin Colbert is going to leave is when he retires.
The Steelers have never fired an offensive coordinator mid-season. Never. The closest they came was 1998 when Bill Cowher took the play-calling duties away from Ray Sherman late in the season, then fired him after his only season with the team.
Those who might think Tomlin is on the hot seat this season need two history lessons. The first would be the history of Tomlin with the Steelers. He was the fourth-fastest coach to 60 victories in NFL history. He is the only Steelers coach to win a Super Bowl in his second season as their coach, then got there again two years later.
And, please, don’t tell me he did it with Bill Cowher’s talent. Bill Cowher’s talent went 8-8 in his final season, 2006. They said the same thing about Cowher early in his career, that he did it with Chuck Noll's talent. Chuck Noll’s talent could not make the playoffs in his final two seasons, but Cowher took that talent to 11-5 in his first season, 1992, after that talent went 7-9 in Noll’s final season.
That’s what good coaching does, getting the best out of his talent.
As for the history of Steelers firing head coaches, do we really need to go back over this? The Steelers have had three coaches since 1969. Chuck Noll made the playoffs only once in his final seven seasons and he wasn’t fired, he retired. Bill Cowher’s teams did not make the playoffs in 1998, 1999 or 2000, with losing records in the first of those two seasons. You know what the Steelers did? They gave him a contract extension after 2000.

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