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So Thad Cochran Sneaked Through

Posted on the 25 June 2014 by Morage @kebmebms

So Thad Cochran sneaked through

Yes sir, Senator Cochran, down in Mississippi, just barely slipped through yesterday and did, in fact, sneak past State Senator and Tea Party member Chris McDaniel:

With History in Mind, Black Voters Aided Cochran

African-Americans, who coordinated their support for Thad Cochran, said the sacrifice of the Rev. George Lee, who tried to register blacks to vote in the 1950s, was felt in Tuesday’s vote.

This is all pretty entangled and politically fascinating. The Tea Party, fighting within and tearing up the Republican Party and Right Wing and now black Americans, voting for the likes of Thad Cochran, of the political party who votes against the best interests of those same black Americans.
I thought Robert Reich's comments on the election today from his Facebook page, were insightful as ever:
Mississippi Republican Senator Thad Cochran’s razor-thin margin of victory last night over State Senator State Senator Chris McDaniel, his Tea Party-backed challenger, in the Republican primary there, should be small comfort to the establishment GOP – or to any American. Cochran relied on black Democrats to put him over the finish line, prompting McDaniel to charge that his rival “has shown his true colors. … By reaching out to liberal Democrats he has confirmed what we’ve always known: that he doesn’t have our best interests at heart.” 
Excuse me, but “our” best interests? 
McDaniel and the Tea Party played on the growing fears of working-class whites that their economic decline has been due to a conspiracy of blacks, Latinos, immigrants, and the federal government – from which they must “take America back.” The billionaire oligarchs who funded McDaniel through their various front groups want anxious white Americans to believe this dangerous fiction, and they and their money aren’t going away. That’s why it’s so important to create a new political coalition that unites working-class whites with the poor and middle class, to take back America from the oligarchs.

It's also why it's so important to fight to end campaign contributions so we can get the government and legislators back working for the people--all the people--and not just for the corporations and wealthy.

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