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So Long Texas …

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom

So Long Texas …

We are relocating and en route to Washington D.C.
As we look back on our years spent in Texas ... 
Texas was a turning point in my husband's life. Texas is not only where he got his education but also learnt the lessons of life. This is where he discovered himself and realized his strengths and indulged in his weaknesses. While there was complete independence, there was also no safety net to fall back on. He met many new people, came across many new cultures and learnt that no matter where we come from, we all have same emotions.  
All the milestones of his life have been achieved in Texas - got married, got his Ph.D, got his first job … But then all the lows were also, here in Texas. He adds that it never felt like a low because, "… we were together."  
Texas is what has shaped our marriage, our life, our mutual understanding. Texas has taken as much as it has given us. We made many friends here and also lost one too many, but these contradictions are what makes it our best and the worst of times. We have crossed mountains and valleys but always with a smile. We have tackled all our problems as a challenge instead of looking at it as a set-back. If you ask me all our struggles have been the most fun times of our life together. Even when we had nothing we had each other. Even when nothing was going our way, we were there for each other. Situations when one would expect people to breakdown, we would celebrate our life. This is when we discovered that happiness has nothing to do with circumstances. You create your own happiness.  
For me Texas was nothing more than a reminiscent wilderness of Western movies. I was used to big cities and their hustle. But Texas's warmth made me feel at home pretty fast. This is where I found my best friend, this is where I started blogging, this is where I made peace with who I am.    
Now we are leaving Texas … with a heavy heart. Although we have no family here but somewhere deep down it feels like we are leaving home again.

I want to cry,  the tears are dry  I look out the plane,  as we are about to fly,  There's no smile  nor there's a sigh,  So long Texas,  … for now it's goodbye!

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