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So I Got a Little Pee on Me

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh
Yeah, I figured that would catch your attention. 
I'm not sure where to start with this one, but let me try here …
Memorial weekend Clueless family had a minication in the big city (NYC). 
We stayed at my mom's so the bed bugs wouldn't get us we could spend more time with her.
During the trip we noticed J started doing something a little odd.  Remember Al Bundy from the show "Married with Children"? Yeah, he used to sit on the couch drinking beer with his hand in his pants. 
Well, that was J.  As he walked around the house, he had one hand in his mouth and the other in his pants.  Just like this …
So I got a little pee on me
Weird right?  No clue how or why this started, but this is what he looks like every day now.
So, this evening I was preparing food.
J, as usual was walking around aimlessly, following me or his brother. 

So I got a little pee on me

After a while, he stumbled into the kitchen and asked to be picked up.  So I did. I placed him on my him as usual and after a minute or two felt oddly moist. 
I pulled J away from me and noticed a huge wet spot on his pants.  Confused and blindly following instinct, I went to feel his diaper.
No diaper.
He's fully dressed with pants on, but somehow there's no diaper. 
I immediately put one on him then go in search of the puddle I knew was waiting for me. 
No puddle.
Just a diaper laying on the rug in my living room.
What can I say?  The kid's a magician.

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