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So Done

Posted on the 11 February 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

The field of 2016 presidential candidates includes 16 Republicans and five Democrats. (AP)
I am so done with this election.
Done with candidates.
Done with debates.
Done with the two political parties (though done with one far more than the other, truth be told).
Done with announcements.
Done with campaigns.
Done with announcements, all of it.
And even ignoring we have, still, a little more than half of this month to go, ignoring February, we have 9 more months of this to go until the actual November election date.
Don't get me wrong, however.  I still know how important this election is and I'm still engaged and still decidedly for my candidate for the presidency but holy cow. These things go on and on and on.
We should be better than this.
We should be smarter than this.
And we are.
Or we could be.
I've written about this before. We could fix this and rather simply. Probably not easily but simply.

The Problems With Our Government--and Our Elections

We need to do what the Brits did, years ago, and limit our elections to one or, at most, two months in length, by law. This way, the big campaign money wouldn't be needed.
Too many Americans likely don't know that's what the Brits did or that that's how they run their elections---or that we could.
Could you imagine elections that don't last 2 years? I know I could. How much better, how much improved would that be?
We wouldn't have to waste all this time and all the money we do on the elections. 
Government officeholders wouldn't be perpetually running the next election race, just to get re-reelected.
We wouldn't have to go through this nonsense.
Link:   We could learn a lot from the U.K. election

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